Durations: 8 Days - 7 Nights

Travel consultant: Nga Vu

Customer name: Dougie and Maggie Skilbeck

Address: United Kingdom

Start date: 2017-06-01

Finish date: 2017-06-09

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1

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MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Inle Lake – Ngapali Beach) 01 Nov – 16 Nov 2017
Dear Hieu Ha (Mr.)
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for all of your tour/holiday arrangements for our party, we certainly enjoyed our tours, hotels, transfers and tour guides.
Just a minor observation was with the quality of English with some of our tour guides who were at times very difficult to understand and tried their best, but were always helpful and courteous.
Thank you once again and I have already passed on your name and Travel Company to two other person who are planning to visit Burma next year.
Kind Regards
Dougie and Maggie Skilbeck from United Kingdom
Dear Mr Ha Hieu
Many thanks for arranging our recent tour of Myanmar. This was a very good experience for us.
All the arrangements were 1st class and the sights of Myanmar were breath-taking.
Worthy also of note were the internal flights which were very well run and stress free. 
The people of Myanmar are so kind and lovely which helped to make the tour so memorable also.
The guides as mentioned in the attached questionnaire were all good in their own ways but the guide at Inle called Tin Tin was exceptional.
We enjoyed every minute.
Very kind regards
Kevin and Hazel Douglas

KAM LING with BEST photo tour (Mandalay – Bagan – Yangon) 19 Nov – 26 Nov 2017
Dear Ha Hieu
Thanks again for your arrangement.
The quality of the service and program arrangement is smooth. Ha Hieu is making his most effort on it. Also, Mr. Aung helps in camping out all details in a systematic way.
Mr. Aung is a very friendly and passionate guide. He introduces the most attractive areas all throughout the trip. He concerns customers' feeling a lot and shows his outstanding professional attitudes.
Accommodation in Bagan is very good. Driver is friendly. All of my 21 groups' member feel extremely satisfactory with this tour. We are very happy with our guide and the service of Myanmar Travel provide.
Dear Mr Ha Hieu 
Thanks a lot for your arrangement. You always give me a sense of trust.
There may be some more peoples coming to Myanmar next year. Hope I will bring them an ultimate experience in these trips.
Have a nice weekend.
Dear Ha Hieu,
It is too good to have such a professional agent as you are
Please try your best to find one for us, thanks
To tell you the truth, I am a famous travel writer in Hong Kong. I really appreciate what you have done for my group in these days.
Please use the title as "KAM LING with BEST photo tour" for our group.
Thanks again.
Ms. Mok and party from Hong Kong
MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Inle Lake – Ngapali Beach) 01 Nov – 16 Nov 2017
Dear Hieu Ha (Mr.)
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for all of your tour/holiday arrangements for our party, we certainly enjoyed our tours, hotels, transfers and tour guides.
Just a minor observation was with the quality of English with some of our tour guides who were at times very difficult to understand and tried their best, but were always helpful and courteous.
Thank you once again and I have already passed on your name and Travel Company to two other person who are planning to visit Burma next year.
Kind Regards
Dougie and Maggie Skilbeck from United Kingdom
FROM MYANMAR TO CAMBODIA (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Siem Reap - Bangkok) 02 Nov – 11 Nov 2017
Dear Mr. Hieu,
Thank you very much for your support. We have had a very good trip. The program was very good. We will definitely use your travel agency again if we visit your region.
Met vriendelijke groet from Netherland
FROM MYANMAR TO VIETNAM (Mandalay – Bagan – Inle Lake – Yangon – Hanoi ) 25 Oct – 12 Nov 2017
Dear Mr. Hieu Ha,
Thank you for your email. Yes, we had an easy flight home. We were delayed an hour leaving Hanoi because we had to wait for Trump's Air Force One to take off! But everything else was smooth and we are almost over our jet lag. 
We really enjoyed meeting you and thank you again for the gift. It will always remind us of what a special trip we had. 
We've been telling all our friends how much we enjoyed the trip and how you did such a terrific job in organizing it.
Thank you for helping create such special memories for my 70th birthday. 
Best Regards,
Ms. Karen and Mr. Jones from USA
Yangon city tour 6 Oct 2017
Mr. Ha
Good morning.
Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed yesterday’s tour very much. John is an excellent guide and very kind. Your driver is very good too and attentive. Thank you for making our stay in Yangon a memorable one.
Ms. Walkiria from UK
Best of Myanmar from 01 Nov to 10 Nov 2017
Hi Mr. Binh,
we are returned friday, all ok. The trip in Myanmar was well organized and liked everyone. Even the guide Zaw Moe Aung (Marco) was very professional and good, so I confirm positive feedback. About the flight from Bagan to Mandalay we should have (for a next trip) early in the morning to not miss the visit to the monastery with the parade of monks. Anyway, everything was good and OK!!
Thank you for your valuable assistance and best regards.
Dario Basile from Italy
Myanmar Discovery from 19 to 30 Oct 2017
We had the most amazing, well organised, fabulous trip and will be definitely recommending your company to many, many people!
Thank you so much for the attention you paid us and the answering of my many questions and the lovely gift Mat received,
Ms. Elizabeth Imbert from Australia
Myanmar Discovery from 26 Jul to 10 Aug 2017
Dear BInh Yen
Greetings from Madrid.
Although we have completed all the surveys you send me and that our guide gave us I would like to thank you and to congratulate you for the organization of our trip.
It was all perfect. Everything went as we expected or even better.
Myanmar is such a beautiful country and their people is marvellous.
Our guide, although his Spanish was not very good, he tried hard to make us feel comfortable and was really kind to us.
We had enjoyed very much our trip- It was amazing
Thank you once more for all the organization.
Be sure that if I know someone that is going to visit Asia I wiil recomend you
Best regards
Ms. Margarita Villota from Spain
Best of Myanmar - 10 Days from 17 – 26 August 2017
Dear Viet,
On behalf of the group, I just wanted to congratulate you for the outstanding trip you prepared for us.
Special thanks for arranging transportation the last day in Yangon. We really appreciate it.
We would also like to highlight the quality of the guides in Bagan ( not only the guide but the team, driver, assistant...) and in Inle Lake. They really took care of all of us and gave us the necessary information for a better understanding of the past and present in Myanmar.
As for the hotels, just to mention Bagan .... outstanding!!!
In a nutshell, great trip, unforgettable moments and excellent organization. Thank you so much!
Rest assured that I will recommend your services to all my friends and in case we schedule a new trip to the areas you cover, take for granted that you will be our tour operator.
Kindest regards,
Mrs. Arantza Diaz de Olarte from Spain

MYANMAR JOURNEY – 6 days/ 5 nights from 9 May to 14 May 2017
No suggestions to be made, everything`s been perfect!
Awesome country, very good drivers and friendly guides who were telling us about the culture, the traditions, the history and the people of Myanmar. The hotels have been awesome, the staff there was always helpful and did their best to give us a good feel and unforgettable holidays! The food during the whole tour has been great! No stress during the tour, we had enough breaks in between to relax which is very important as well as you have to step back sometimes due to the high temperatures as well as the intense impressions you received during the tour...very great as well!!
All in all, everything`s been amazingly excellent - continue your great work!!!
Christian Wachter from German

Highlights of Myanmar – 5 days/ 4 nights from 28 Mar to 1 Apr 2017
We book though Myanmar Travel. Mua Nguyen did a great job to meet our requests and reorganizing everything after flight cancellation. Thank you.
In Bagan we were guided for 3 days by John. We had a great interesting and pleasant time. John met all our special requests like getting to know people today’s life, visiting uncrowded places, introducing us to family (lacquer) companies with highest quality product at reasonable prices. John is a wonderful person, speaking perfectly English, known in his village and highly respected. We were very lucky having had John as our guide through his life, his history representing Myanmar and Bagan with the culture heritage.
Warm regards + thanks
Irène D. Fontana
Fortana Meirer from Switzerland 

Highlight of Myanmar from 11 – 25 March 2017
Dearest Hong Nguyen,
thank you for your email. I am back home and somehow, I wish I was still in Myanmar, I had the best time there.
Unfortunately, the boat ride on Inle Lake was not so good for my head, I got vertigo and felt unstable on my two legs. The people at the Paramount Inle Resort took great care of me, they were so friendly and forthcoming. I wish to say thank you to them as well.
My guide in Nang Thein May (Joyce) went beyond her duty to help me feel ok after the boat ride back to the main land. She has been a wonderful companion and I felt at home when she was around. Our driver was incredibly attentive and kind, I want to let them know how much I appreciated their company and time spent together traveling slowly in their car.
All my guides, from Thinzar Hlaine to Suu and of course all the people at the hotels I stayed, have been truly amazing to me, very friendly and absolutely nice in their unique way of welcoming me. Thank you to all of them. I will not forget how good I felt being around them.
My last stay was at the Myanmar Life Hotel – organized for me by the insurance company which planned my trip back home after I felt sick. I have left an envelope – in room 114 – which was given to me by the very first guide who picked me up at the airport in Yangon upon my arrival on the 11.03.17. I wrote down all my comments about your company and my trip, I hope you got it. I should have given it to the receptionist but I was to groggy from medication to remember, sorry for that.
I am aware that you cannot refund the hotel fares and I am absolutely ok with it. I am glad I could go home cause being sick during my stay wasn’t planned. I loved the Hotel Jade Marina in Ngapali, it was my highlight but unfortunately it was not meant to be, I have to go back there one day. The manager of the hotel was so nice to me, she helped wherever she could, I want to thank her as well. That place is so beautiful, one should not get sick there but enjoy it all.
Last but not least, I want to thank YOU Miss Nguyen for having planned this trip for me in such a painstaking way, nothing went wrong, everything was incredibly amazing and special, I will keep those memories with me forever. You have done a great job THANK YOU.
All the best to you and your company Myanmar Travel.
Kindest Regards
Gabriella Trabucchi from Switzerland

Myanmar Discovery from 25 Feb – 16 March 2017
Dear Hong,
Now that I have fast and reliable wifi I can catch up on a few tasks!
We are Hua Hin in Thailand having a little bit of R&R before returning to the UK next Sunday night on the overnight flight from KL.   
We both thoroughly enjoyed our time in Myanmar and with Myanmar Travel and this was helped in no small measure by your willingness to accommodate our wishes/changes and turn it into a truly personal tour.   Everything work as planned and we amazed at the wonderful people and the lovely sights.  
Reflecting on it the only changes I would make would have been a later start to Bagan after the Golden Rock trip (or add another day in Yangon) and more time in the lovely Bay View at Ngapoli Beach. I would also do a bit of research to see what museums there were as the tour did give a somewhat Buddha centric perspective and the other events in Myanmar's  rich history might have been overlooked.
Once back in the UK I intend to read A World Overturned: A Burmese Childhood 1933-1947 by Maureen Baird-Murray as I worked with her husband many years ago and met Maurren, who was (she is now dead) an Anglo Burmese.   And I'll be sure to mention our enjoyable holiday to our friends  and who to contact if they want good, personal service.
With best wishes and many thanks,
MR. MICHAEL JOHN EVANS  from United Kingdom 

Myanmar Discovery from 8 – 25 Feb 2017
Hi Hong,
We were very impressed with our consultant's responsiveness when planning our trip and with the overall organisation during our stay. It was excellent, thank you. We enjoyed visiting your country, meeting such nice people and seeing so many beautiful places.
MACIA GREBOT from United Kingdom

Imperial Myanmar (4th Feb - 22nd Feb 2017)
Hello Dzung Vu
We are back to France after a fabulous discovery of Myanmar
Thanks for having built this program together.t This country is absolutely great and his inhabitants so kind
We always found in sécurity everywhere and are so glad with what we have seen
Do not worry about our french guide Tin, As I told you he will become a great guide, he just need to improve his freinch and especially the way to pronounce our so difficult language but he has a good sense of coaching people and is always helpful ( ie I lost my passport he helped me to do police déclaration and once we forgot something at a pagoda and he went back himself to find it )
Of course Nizo our last english guide is a pearl and has a great experience, he was perfect even I needed to translate to others what he explained
Thanks to Myanmar Travel a very good TRAVEL AGENCY 
Sincerely Yours in the name of all the group
Pierre GUYET from FranceMyanmar Authentic Adventure from 5 Feb – 15 Feb 2017
Hello Ms. Hong Nguyen,
We are back in Germany since last night. It all went very well, speaking in general. Just the hotel in Loikaw was not so exciting: rooms extremely clairaudient, breakfast moderate but all warm dishes such as eggs and bacon found cold even at 08:10 am in the morning, and stairs at pool being repaired only after second reminder. Aureum of course outstanding, very high level of service, very friendly and spacious villa.
We will complete the survey over the next days and mail a scanned version to you.  
Best regards,
Thorsten from Germany

Treasure of Myanmar from 25 Jan – 7 Feb 2017
Hi hong,
Hotels were alright except Ann's Heritage Lodge (very dirty and no internet connection). Guides could have spoken better English. Our Mandalay guide was the best. Sights were extremely interesting. KBZ Airlines, despite the delays was OK. Our trip advisor Hong Nguyen was very concerned about us. So, altogether we enjoyed our trip to Myanmar. Thank you.
MEHMET CULUM from Turkey

Best of Cambodia (28th Jan - 6th Feb 2017)
Dear Dzung Vu,
I do gave the complete evaluation survey the last day of my trip to the driver who brought me to the airport ! And he told me he will give it to the agency ! So you should check with that driver.
But I also wanted to give you my comments directly to you.
First, it was a very nice trip, well organized, drivers and guides always on time ! I really appreciate that and no doubt, in the future, I will ask you again to organize my trip to Southeast Asia ! :-)
Here is my comments :
Siem Reap:
Guide (his name is Pascale): he was a good guide, knowing a lot about the different temple (Beng Mealea, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, etc.). However, he was not very enthusiastic and friendly. Seems not very happy to be a guide (my feeling) Hotel : Very good hotel, very good breakfast, employees were always nice and polite, room nice and clean. The only thing, is the fact the hotel was little bit far away from center (restaurant, etc.). 
Driver: Excellent !
Phnom Penh:
Guide : (his name was Tee - not sure of the spelling) : Excellent ! We had a fantastic day on the boat, khmer village we visited on bicycle, the food at lunch time, etc. It was a great day for me ! A fantastic day to connect with local people ! (I will send you some pictures with my other computer later !) I was so happy of him that I also asked him to visit the town by tuk-tuk Sunday afternoon after I went back from Sihanoukville.. ! Hotel : Excellent and very well located ! Employees also excellent ! 
Driver : Very good !
Sihanoukville :
Hotel : Very good ! Well located - 5 minutes walking distance from the beach ! Nice pool ! Good breakfast ! Little bit noisy because the hotel was full and many Chinese ! ;-) Many good restaurant around ! 
Driver (back to Phnom Penh) : Excellent ! 
Once again, thank you and my comments are only for you to know and improve but nothing was " a big deal " and it was a great week for me in Cambodia !
Best !
Mr. Gilles Vincent from Canada

Myanmar Discovery (21st Jan – 5th Feb 2017)Dear Miss Hue,
The group returned yesterday safely back in The Netherlands. I write you these lines to express our heartfelt gratitude for the flawless execution of the tour. The guides were rated by us as ‘good’ and sometimes ‘excellent’. The hotels were very good especially considering their star-rating. The means of transportation were  good and with a lot of variation. In summary: it all went very well and we have taken home profound memories of a beautifull land not at least thanks to its ever friendly population.
Thank you so much for all that!
Be well,
Yours sincerely
Mr. Paul Joseph from NetherlandsHighlights of Myanmar from 27 Jan – 4 Feb 2017
Dear Hong,
The sightseeing in Yangon was just the Shwedagon Pagoda and nothing else. There is so much to see but it was not included in the itinerary. For example, Scott Market, The Strand, St. Mary's Cathedral, Aung Saan Sui Ki's home, etc. However, overall the trip was very good and the arrangements excellent,

Highlights of Myanmar from 28 Jan – 4 Feb 2017
Dear Hong Nguyen,
Thank you for having your colleague come to the hotel and send us off at the airport as well. Your kind gesture is much appreciated.
Many thanks for the wonderful experience we have had in Myanmar. We look forward to coming back. Hopefully, our feedback on the forms will be taken positively, as we have no intention of offending anyone.
As for helping me find my wallet/ pink wristlet, it is very kind of you to help. If it cannot be found, can I ask for your help to write me a letter with your company letterhead, indicating my loss and also stating that there was not enough time to make a police report in Myanmar as I had an early flight back to Singapore.
With thanks and regards,
AGOSTINI from Singapore

Highlights of Myanmar from 21-28 Jan 2017
Dear Hong,
We have had a very enjoyable holiday and I thank you for organising the programme and all the pick ups / transfers and hotels. The guides have been excellent and our experiences in this wonderful country have been fascinating. Each location has been different and of interest.
Mnay thanks again, overall – a great holday in a fabulous place with delightful people.
CAROLINE PRINGLE  from United Kingdom

Myanmar Explorer from 12 Jan – 27 Jan 2017
Hi Hong,
The trip was well planned with the tour guides suggesting additional sites to visit which was good. The elephant experience we had at the Green Hill Elephant camp outside Inle Lake was the best elephant experience I have had throughout ASIA. Tin Tin our guide in Inle Lake was very friendly and knowlegeable.
ROBYN DEVIN from Australia

TRULY MYANMAR 13 Days 12 Nights from 11 Jan to 23 Jan 2017
Dear Lana,
We had a wonderful trip Lana everything ran like clockwork. Your guides were so nice especially win in Bagan she is a lovely person. We think Inle Lake was our favourite Viewpoint is a super hotel lovely food, and bungalows beautiful. Highly recommended. We will fill in your questionnaire and send it back.
Thank you for making our trip so special.
Best wishes
Martin Green from England
TREASURES OF MYANMAR 8 days/ 7 nights from 14 Jan 2017 to 21 Jan 2017
Hi Mua,
I would like to let you know we have safely returned to Italy.
Thanks for your help and for the wonderfull tour you have put together for us
Thanks again and best regards
Marco & friends from Italia
Myanmar Discovery from 01 Jan to 18 Jan 2017
Dear Ms. Yen
Thank you for fantastic vacation in Myanmar.
During our trip all was prepared perfectly all was on time. We had a very good guides. They were competent and very helpful. 
Thank you for fantastic accommodation. It was better we expected during such trips.
Mr. Jacek Rudniewski from Poland
Essential Myanmar (9th Jan – 14th Jan 2017)
Hi Nguyen,
We had a great time in Myanmar and my parents really liked the country
The trip was perfectly arranged, accommodations we'r good.
The only note is that the difference between the guides was noticeable.
It became better with every guide, but we were most impressed by the guide we had on Inle Lake and least impressed by the guide in Yangon.
Anne Hamerlinck from Netherlands
Myanmar Discovery (Bagan – Mandalay – Inle Lake) from 08 Jan to 14 Jan 2017
Dear Hieu Ha
Today was another magical day for me..everthıng is perfect..the hotel is amazing..thank you so much..feel great & very happy.
There is somethıng I want to mentıon of misunderstandıng  of Mandalay guide & the car..they were nice people & a good guıde..but maybe the cıty,the poorness the dark colours of the cıty made me feel lıke somehow compleanıng..sorry for that.
So happy ın thıs amazıng country and happy choosıng your agency..I already suggest my Turkish friends whom are ın Bangkok for a mounth there..they love to take a trıp around..somewhere..they wıll contact wıth you..
Hope to have few other trıps together.
Have a lovely night
Ece Dedeoglu
Dear Ha Hieu
After an 24 hours of travelling, I came home safety..with all  the great memories of your beautiful country..so glad .. to find your  travel agency..which ,in every moment of my holiday ,made everything  turned to happiness to me..
Thank you all ,for your great hospitality..
Hope to see you soon in different programs of different destinations..in happy holidays.
Wish you a great day..month..year..in every aspect of life.
With my best regards..
Ece Dedeoglu
Ps:we can count the extra payment that I did..(63 dollars)..for my next holiday
Ms. Ece Dedeoglu from Turkey

Myanmar Discovery from 31 Dec 2016 – 10 Jan 2017
Dear Hong
Our tour in Myanmar, everything was perfect (Drivers, guides, hotels …)
Thanks and kind regards
Daniela from Italy

Highlights of Indochina (25 Dec 2016 – 4 Jan 2017)
Hello Hue,
We are no in Tokyo Airport, ready to go back home. Thank you for all your help. My daughter was really happy to see my husband in Bangkok and we all could meet her roommate and other students as Jasmine and visit the university.
We had a great trip and are very grateful with your help in all the planning. We will recommend you services to our friends and of course will contact you again if we can make another trip to Asia in the future.
Thank you!
Ms. Beatriz De La Cuadra from Mexico

Treasure of Myanmar 8 days/ 7 nights from 27th Dec 2016 to 3rd Jan 2017
Thank you Dzung, great trip!
I've just completed your online feedback form.
Due to bad weather our flight from Heho to Yangon was 3 hours late: thanks to your advice we had enough time to catch the flight to Bangkok.
Next time we will plan a trip to Asia I will certainly contact you again.
Mr. Luca Giordanofrom Italia
HIGHLIGHTS OF MYANMAR from 27 Dec – 2 Jan 2017
Hello Hong,
We had a tremendous time. Everything went very smoothly and were delighted with the high standard of service right from booking to tours and transfers. I will provide official feedback and it would be my pleasure!
Warm regards,
Philip Loveder from Australia
Mandalay to Ngwe Saung (Mandalay – Ngwe Saung) from 20 Dec to 01 Jan 2016
Dear Mr Hieu Ha,
Thank you for your assistance. The trip in Mandalay was very nice (and nice guide) and transportation to the beach was also good.
We'll be back for sure.
Kind regards,
Yvonne Bouma from USA
MYANMAR DISCOVERY from 17 – 31 Dec 2016
Dear Hong, 
Yes, we did thank you. It was an excellent service.. Hard to improve on that! It was a great experience and everything went perfectly, so thank you for arranging it. I will fill in your survey and post on trip advisor too, if you wish. We will recommend you to our friends and will consider using your sister company if we travel to Vietnam or Cambodia. Thank you again, Heather
Heather Mils from United Kingdom
HIGHLIGHTS OF MYANMAR from 20 – 30 Dec 2016
Dear Ms Hong,
Happy New Year to you as well.
My family and I had a wonderful trip to Myanmar. All the arrangements were first-rate and fantastic. The guides were super helpful and everything went according to plan. In a few cases, we made some small changes locally and everyone was super-nice and accommodating. All in all, we had a great time and I am very satisfied and glad with your help.
I filled out the feedback form - everything else was excellent. Please let me know if there is a place in social media (TripAdvisor or somewhere else) where I can provide positive feedback about Mynanmar Travel.
Thanks again,
Mani from India
BEST OF VIETNAM & LAOS from 19 – 28 Dec 2016
Dear Hong,
Thanks for your email. Yes, we reached home safely about 48 hours ago. Roshan left for BVI last night.
We had a wonderful trip, thanks to you for making excellent arrangements and choosing nice hotels.
Vietnam was exceedingly beautiful - more than we had imagined. We wish we had more time in Laos.
We knew this before starting the trip.
I will recommend your agency to my friends who are interested in Vietnam. One of those friends is
Dileep Bhandarkar. He may write to you.
It was nice meeting you in person, and thanks for the gifts. We will cherish them.
In a few days, I will provide web feedback on your site.
Wishing you and your family a very happy, prosperous, and healthy 2017.
Ajit from USA
Best of Myanmar from 25 Nov to 05 Dec 2016
Hi Binh Yen,
Actually we didn’t get home until 12/11 as we spent time in Thailand and HK after our tour in Myanmar.
I do apologize for responding to you so late.
We had a great trip. The guides and drivers at each of our 4 stops were professional and did a great job. The tour itinerary was what we were looking for and we had a wonderful trip. Thanks to you as well.
LC from USA
Mysteries Myanmar & Vietnam (19 Nov – 3 Dec 2016)
Dear Hue,
Desde que llegué a Chile he querido escribirte pero la rutina y algunas otras cosas han hecho que recién hoy lo haga.
Lo primero es agradecerte por el maravilloso viaje que nos organizaste.
Realmente te felicito porque todo fue perfecto.
Los vuelos, los hoteles, los guías y choferes estuvieron magníficos.
Me encantó conocerte y haber podido compartir contigo un tiempo.
Me acuerdo cada día de ti al ver el precioso regalo que ya tiene su lugar en mi casa.
Tengo los mejores recuerdos de cada lugar que visitamos y volvería feliz!!
Que lindos países...quedaron en mi corazón para siempre.
Estar en Asia fue mágico para mí y volví renovada.
Espero que estemos en contacto y que este nuevo año sea un año lleno de alegrías y felicidad para ti y tu familia.
Un abrazo!!
María Angélica from Chile
Indochina Holiday (2 Nov – 22 Nov 2016)
Estimada hue 
Te escribo para darte las gracias y felicitarte por todos los servicios que nos presto tu agencia, realmente fue un viaje maravilloso, los hoteles ,guias, choferes y lugars que visitamos fueron perfectos.
muchas gracias por el regalo que nos hicieron de parte de la agencia, unas fuentes lacadas muy bonitas.
Queria nombrarte en forma especial la guia que tuvimos en myanmar, realmente fantastica, una persona muy preocupada por nosotras y que nos hizo el viaje muy agradable, ella es thet thet zaw , la mejor guia de todo el viaje.
estoy feliz de haber recomendado tu agencia a mi hermana, esta feliz con sus servicios y me agradece mucho el haberlos recomendado a ustedes.
Hue muchas gracias por toda tu preocupacion y atencion. espero poder ir nuevamente y conocer mas lugares tan maravillosos como los que conocimos en este viaje recorrer junto a ustedes.
muchas gracias
Un cariñoso saludo
Ms. Francisca Errazuriz Gubins from Chile

Myanmar Insight (6 Dec – 16 Dec 2016)
Dear Hue,
Thank you for the great organisation. The entire group is very satisfied of the great work your agency made. 
We'll contact you and your tour operator for our future tours in South East Asia. 
Best regards
Mr. Luca Titomanlio from Italy

MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Kyaikhtiyo – Inle Lake – Mandalay – Monywa – Bagan) from 27 Nov to 10 Dec 2016
Hello Hieu,
Our experience in Myanmar was very interesting and exiting and allowed us to get in touch with a wonderful people.
Our trip was perfect in every aspect and we thank you for your willingness
Thanks also for your greetings. I and Alessandra wish merry Christmas and happy new year to you and to all Myanmar Travel Staff.
Riccardo e Alessandra from Italy
Myanmar Discovery – 16-30 Nov 2016
Thanks Ms Hong.
I would like you to know that my wife and I enjoyed our trip to Myanmar immensely. We found the tour which you had arranged to be excellent, the hotels (with the exception of the Mountain Top at Kyaikhtiyo, which is rather ordinary but in a very good location) to be first class and the guides generally to be very knowledgeable and informative. We cannot thank you enough for the care and consideration which you devoted to our holiday. We will certainly
recommend your agency to our friends who propose travelling to Myanmar.
Kindest regards,
Don Grieve from Australia
Highlights of Myanmar 15-26 Nov 2016
Dear Hong,
thank you very much for you mail. My clients were happy and satisfied, and been a pleasure working with you by email.
I send the questionnaire to my clients asking to compile.
Best regards
RAFFAELA from Italy
Myanmar Discovery from 18 Nov to 29 Nov 2016
Dear Binh Yen
We would like to thank you for our well organized trip to Myanmar. All went extremely well.
The guides were in general well prepared, willing to adjust the program according to our wishes and nice people trying to make our stay memorable.
The cars had good standard and the drivers brought us safely through the traffic without big risks.
Hotels were nice and some above our expectations.
We knew when we planned the tour that it was to short but that was the number of days we could spend. However, we think that we got to see some of the variety of Myanmar, people and landscape.
Myanmar is a lovely country with smiling people, proud of their homeland..
This all together made the trip wonderful and we will remember it for a long time.
Thank you.
We will not hesitate to recommend you or your company to anyone who is planning a trip to Myanmar.
Mr. Erik Hustad from Norway
MYANMAR HIGHLIGHTS (Yangon – Bagan – Inle Lake) from 18 Nov to 23 Nov 2016
Dear Mr Hieu Ha,
Thank you very much for your email.
The entire trip when very smoothly. Thanks to your good coordination and hard work.
We made new friends along the way.
The guide and driver at Bagan, Idle Lake and Yangon was excellent.
They are punctual, polite and easy to get along.
The people of Myanmar we met are among the most humble people I have met.
The accommodation was as expected. We enjoyed our stay.
One of my favourite photo shot at Bagan.
We hope to use your excellent tour service in future. Perhaps Vietnam this time.
Best Regards,
K P Tan from Singapore
Highlights of Myanmar 5 – 14 Nov 2016
Hi Hong,
Thanks for the contacts and name!
Everything is amazing and also the guides!! Aye in particular she is super nice, good and lovely!
So no worries for the hotel in Yangon, we will stay at Royal Park as planned. No need to cancel and book Chatrium anymore.
Many thanks
Hi Hong,
Also Dida in Bagan was amazing, very good english and it was very fun with her!!! We loved the time with her.
Many thanks again
Hi Hong,
We are very happy with the trip and the quality of everything. Dida in Bagan was absolutely the best guide we ever had , engaging, fun, well prepared and great english
At Inle lake we love evrything but we felt.the trip to the far away village was not worth so many hours of navigation on this pretty unconfortable boat. We would suggest to put extra pillows on the back of the chairs to.make it more confortable as well.
Overall we are extremly happy with the trip, the agency and the country.
Many thanks
Silvia from Italy
From Bagan to Angkor Wat from 06 Nov to 13 Nov 2016
Hi Bhin Yen!
As you Well know, we are flying back home tomorrow.
I just want to thank you for everything.
We had a wonderful time, the guides were great as well as the drivers in both, Myanmar and Cambodia.
I hope to come back sometime and do the balloons.
Nice regards,
Begoña Sobero from Spain
Kalaw Adventure (Yangon – Kalaw – Inle Lake) from 06 Nov to 13 Nov 2016
Dear Mr. Hieu Ha,
Thank you very much for your warm greetings. I must apologise for not giving you some words so late until now.
It was a paradoxical that I dislocated my left shoulder accidentally inside the flight from Heho Airport to Yangon in the evening of 12 November 2016 (around 1715hrs.), just before took off. The crews of the flight requested me to leave the flight as I was not suitable to fly with them back to Yangon from Heho. On this occasion, I left the flight at once and sought medical service at once. Fortunately, I was admitted to a hospital in Taunggyi township which was for foreigners. Everything backed to normal at about 2015hrs but I needed to stay in Taunggyi Hotel on 12 November 2016 and paid extra for the hotel.
The airline company was also very helpful and they let me change the flight to 13 November 2016 without any extra charge. I went back to Yangon in the afternoon of 13 December 2016 and your guide, Mr. Lin and the driver pick me up in Yangon Airport. I also changed my flight to Hong Kong on 14 November 2016 insted of 15 November 2016, one day earlier back to Hong Kong.
Your guides in Yangon, Heho, Kalaw and Inle Lake were very helpful, friendly and responsible. The guide in Kalaw provided assistance for me at once when she learnt that I hurted myself accidentally.
Please pass my greetings and my heartfelf thankness to you and all your colleagues. 
Hopefully I can have long holidays next year and I must visit Myanmar again.
All the best.
Mr. Chan from Hong Kong
Myanmar & Laos Discovery from 17 Oct to 12 Nov 2016
Binh Yen, 
I wanted to take the time to thank you for helping make our Myanmar/ Laos trip such a success. The trip was wonderful and everything worked out just perfectly. Guides were always punctual and knowledgeable. The best guides hands down were in Mandalay and Inle Lake. They went above and beyond the call of duty and were so friendly and very service oriented. Although all the others were good, with possibly the guide in Yangon who spent some time napping in the car and needed to be reminded about what things were on out itinerary on a regular basis. Nice enough but seemed tired most of the time. As for the trip, the only hotel that didn't live up to its rating was in Mandalay. Hotel is a bit run down and restaurants are weak. Also, we probably would recommend that Vientiane Laos not be a place that would be recommended. It would have been better had we skipped it, and flown from Luang Prabang directly to Pakse. The drive from Luang Prabang to Vientiane was way to long. But we did enjoy the Plain of Jars. The guide in Luang Prabang was good but be needs to be a little more careful in taking foreigners to eat in some very local places that food preparation/sanitary conditions are questionable. But overall we had a fantastic trip and would highly recommend your travel services. Thank you for your excellent work. Carlos Garcia
Mr. Carlos Garcia from USA
MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay) from 2 Nov to 11 Nov 2016
All guide, Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay been exellent
Driver the same as guide, excellent
Hotels perfect with good food and good services
Thank you!
Sit travel from Czech

Myanmar discovery 9 days 8 nights” From 2nd Nov 2016 – 10th Nov 2016
Dear Mary,
We have now finished our trip and I want to thank you and all the staff in Vietnam and Myanmar for delivering a first-class holiday for us. Everything went according to plan and was very efficiently managed. We were pleased with our hotels which were very nice and provided good service and with our guides and drivers who were very professional and friendly. 
The English of Mr. Nwe Nwe Win (guide in Yangon) is quite good. Speaking English is still somewhat of a challenge for our two guides in Bagan and Inle Lake, but we managed to get by without any signifiant problems. I would still recommend all three guides in the future.
I am copying this to your representative in Yangon, Mr. Aukng Soe Thu, for his information.
My son and daughter and their families still want to visit Vietnam and Myanmar at some point in the future so I will make sure they contact you when they plan to go to see if you can make them a good offer. Please keep on file the itineraries for our trips to both Vietnam and Myanmar for future reference when making arrangements for them.
Many thanks again for all your help and best regards,
Terry Slater from USA

YANGON STOPOVER (Yangon – Kyaikhtiyo – Bago) from 4 Nov to 10 Nov 2016
Excellent guide and service. The guide was very helpful through our stay
The driver was very experienced and the condition was very clean.
Excellent hotel very good breakfast and service
Overall excellent service
I would extremely recommend he to company.
He made it easy and very comfortable. 

MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Kyaikhtiyo – Bagan – Mandalay) from 29 Oct to 10 Nov 2016
Dear Hieu Ha,
My husband and I love what you suggested for our Myanmar experience and we are already very much looking forward to it. Your latest hotel suggestions fit perfectly to our taste. We would like to book the Option with Kyaikhtiyo trip. 
And I would like to add a feedback, If I may, that you might want to forward to your boss:
You did an excellent job, not only in coming back with your responses very quickly but also in demonstrating high customer orientation. I felt that you were quickly establishing a very good customer realtionship and I have developed a lot of trust in your work. Were quickly we put other offers we had aside. I work as a trainer for communication and leadership topics in Germany and as an expert I want to tell you that your communication style is excellent! Great first impression of Myanmar and its people. And: Your company should be very glad to have you in sales department! 
Please tell us what you need from us to have a deal.
Kind regards & viele Grüße from Germany with snow today,
Dear Hieu Ha,
Everything went great and despite jet lag we spent the afternoon walking around in the city and spent the evening in exciting china town.
Naing Zaw is very symathetic and well informed. we are looking very much forward to spending the next 2 days with him! Thank you for arranging.
Viele Grüße aus Yangon
Hallo Hieu Ha,
We experienced a wonderful day in Yangon together with Naing Zaw. He is really a precious diamond and shared a lot of interesting background knowledge about the history and buddhism with us.The Sherwagon Pagoda is beautiful!
And we also met your colleague Aung Soe Thu who is also very friendly.
Viele Grüße from a great day,
Hallo Hieu Ha,
We had a grwat day visiting the golden rock. Although sonfar Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon is still our favorite. the atmosphere at golden rock is not as inspiring as I hoped for. Therefore it was completely okay for me to not spend the night at the top. 
We are looking fordard to spend some more hours in Yangon.and we would really love to take Nain Zaw with us to Bagan ? the next colleague could not be better ? 
And we love to spend some hours on our own per day. having a foot massage for example. so we have found the right agreement with Nain Zaw.
Viele Grüße aus dem sonnigen Kyaikhtiyo 
Hallo Hieu Ha,
We enjoyed a great day yesterday in Bago with Naing Zaw and had to say goodbye to him.
Yes, you are absolutely right: Bagan is very different but it is a perfect mix. We enjoy the landscape and pagodas. Kyaw is very nice and very knowledgable. we enjoyed a very good day so far.
And we are very happy with blue bird hotel. it is fantastic. by the way: also the loft in yangon has been fantastic. accord hotel and eternity hotel have been ok, but we knew it before that it will not wow us but lower our expenses.
We are very much looking forward to our balloon experience tomorrow early morning.
Herzliche Grüße aus dem schönen Bagan,
Hallo Hieu Ha,
After 2 days cruising we are now in Mandalay and online again.
Bagan was fantastic - especially the Balloon flight. We had an amazing view and really enjoyed it. and we were really lucky: most flights had to be cancelled during the past 3 weeks because of rain. we experienced heavy rain the evening before but sunrise and some clouds in the morning - perfect.
And we liked the horse carriage a lot. 
The Blue Bird Hotel was an excellent joice. very recommendable.
There was only 1 thing we did not like to be honest: the puppet dinner show. It appeared unexpecedly on our program and we went there to be respectful. however it is not our kind of setting we like: very touristic, too many especially older people....
Fortunately it did not take long.
The cruise was good for relaxing. we had a spacious room and the food was good. the boat is nice but quite old which has not been a problem for us but for a lot of the other guests: during rain water came into some rooms through the ceilings....Therefore itt might be not the best idea to recommend this boat to other tourists without risking complaints.
Our guide here in Mandalay is very symathetic and does his job in a very nice way. I do not know how to spell his name correctly.... We already had some great conversations. And the Hotel by the Red Canal is excellent. thank you for getting the room confirmed. we really enjoy this luxury after 2 days on the boat.
We are looking forward to our next 3 days in Mandalay.
Glückliche Grüße 
Good evening Ha Hieu,
We enjoyed a great day in Mingun and Mandalay. Our guide balanced in a good way information and just walking around. he is a really valuable addition to our vacation.
Please find attached my favorid fotos of the day
We will have our day wirhout progam tomorrow and are looking forward to being a bit lazy.... to get energy for our last excursion in myanmar the day after tomorrow.
Enjoy your more relaxed week and use your energy wisely ?
Joyful greetings from the buddhistic center of Myanmar
Dear Hieu Ha,
Yes we enjoyed the trip very much and alsonthe last excursion yesterday to Pyin Oo Lwin. the drive was really worth it: to leave the city, enjoy the beautiful landscape, visit the local market (my husband bought different types of green tee - looking at the amount of tee I assume we will drink it all over 2017 ?) and we loved the botenical garden and had a long walk there. waterfall was nice to - however because of the still continuing rains a bit brown.
Now we are ready to leave Myanmar and will take a lot of wunderful impressions with us. and it was you, that made it happen. So: thank you so much again for dour wonderful support and the nice way you did it. I never wrote deliberately so many e mails and fotos to a travel agent and had such a pleasant persoanl communication. you are really special!
We will enjoy Bangkoknfor another 2 days. A city we inow very well in the meantime.
And then we will have to face it: to go back from 30 degrees to 3 degrees and already a bit snow in Germany. great that we could prolong the summer in Myanmar.
Herzliche Grüße 
... one addition:
Pleade send our warmest greetings to Naing Zaw. He was our favorite tour guide. Not only because of his knowledge but especially for his sympathetic personality, philosophical and spiritual way and personal discussions we had about politics, buddhism etc. He is also special 
Hallo Hieu Ha,
We had a good flight and arrived this morning. everything went fine. it is really almost 30 degree difference - increadible and it micht take some days to get used to it.
It was a great time and we might go in contact with you again some day when we might decide to come to vietnam.
Please continue to do your job with so much postive energy!
Take care,
Claudia from German

Myanmar Discovery 21 days/ 21 Oct 2016 – 8 Nov 2016
Dear Ms. Vu
Back in Switzerland we thank you for the splendid vacations you have organized for us. Everything was perfect, except the balloon ride as you mentioned. Please refund the USD 600 on my credit card account.
We really enjoyed the trip and are discussing to come back already next year.
Best regards
Andreas and Elisabeth Hubacher from Switzerland
Captivating Myanmar Journey (31st Oct – 7th Nov 2016)
Thanks, Hue and many happy returns and also thanks for the Myanmar tour which was truly exceptional and exceeded all our expectations and one that we will highly recommend.
Mr. Terry O'Connor from Ireland
BEST OF MYANMAR & CAMBODIA From 26th Oct, 2016 to 06th Nov, 2016
* Despite of his excellent vocabulary, impressive knowledge and cheerful personality, our guide at Inle Lake had an English very hard to understand
* Our guide in Bagan: excellent! Charming personality, vast knowledge (we were amazed by all his knowledge about the temples in Bagan and the Buddhism in general and his way of doing his job. Cheers on him from Hungary! 
1. Our accommodation in Battambang (Maisons Wat Kor 4*) was very remote from the city so unfortunately we had to skip the sightseeing and this point of the program completely :(
2. The trip from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville via Kampot on Route No. 3 was EXTREMELY tiring with those road conditions. Even with leaving at 7.30 a.m. we arrived to Sihanoukville around 4 p.m.(!), so we had to skip the visit at the pepper plantation in Kampot. In addition, we were blocked by the muddy and bumpy road, so we had to find another access to the cave of Phnom Chhnork (and we got lost) and spent more than 2.5 hours to visit the 7th century brick temple :(
3. For the whole trip from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, we had a Mercedes van for 9 people — for just the two of us! A simple car (or a 4x4 jeep because of the muddy roads) might have been better and more efficient (faster and consuming less fuel and maybe costing less toll fee).
All in all, our recommendation would be as follows: from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville via the National Road No. 4. (3 hours). Then visiting Phnom Chhnork and/or Kampot / Kep and/or Bokor Mountain National Park FROM Sihanoukville (1-day excursion). In return, extend the stay in Sihanoukville with one more day.
4. As soon as Sihanoukville international airport will be FULLY operating, this road trip can be replaced by a domestic flight Phnom Penh / Sihanoukville and return (or even a flight from Sihanoukville to Bangkok!), saving a HUGE amount of time.
5. Our guide from Siem Reap had —logically— less knowledge of Phnom Penh and the southern region of the country—which is NOT his fault! So we would recommend to involve more than one guide for the whole trip in Cambodia, let's say one for the northern part and one for the southern region, for example a local guide from Sihanoukville for the 1-day excursion mentioned above. As we already visited Angkor Wat back in 2010, we would not have needed a guide from Siem Reap, specializing in Angkor Wat, but for example someone from Phnom Penh or with a larger field of knowledge.
However, all-in-all, we would like to say a HUGE thanks and give a warm round of applause for your team, guides and drivers, for the organization and all the sightseeing, landmarks, service and experience we had! :) We were very impressed, had the time of our lives and will certainly return to Myanmar! Thank you and see you on our next trip! 
Lorand & Edina from Hungary
MYANMAR AUTHENTIC ADVENTURE From 24th Oct, 2016 to 05th Nov, 2016
Dear Ly An
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on our recent trip to Myanmar. I am providing feedback this way as more detail is useful than the survey allows, and also I had some difficulty with the site. My comments are as follows:
1. Program
The program was well arranged and provided variety. We appreciated the side visits to lacquer works, paper making/handicrafts, weaving, local product making such as sesame/peanut oil extraction, and local markets, as these things provide an insight into the economy at the local level. A suggestion we would make is to ask if clients have any specific interests. For example we (my wife being a community health nurse and myself a rural development specialist) are interested in schooling, medical services at the village level and agricultural production systems. Other people may have other interests but a question at the beginning when forming the program to find out a client’s background and a quick visit somewhere in the program to accommodate special interests might be worth considering.
We liked the flexibility of the driver/guide/small group approach. This allowed us to spend longer/shorter times at sites according to interest.
2. Guides
All the guides were good, well trained, well informed and had good information. They were always on time and each evening discussed the coming day’s program - and we liked that approach. They were each pleasant people we found easy to get on friendly terms with. They were also very considerate of our needs and abilities.
3. Tipping
In NZ we are not used to tipping and a little guidance beforehand of the tipping expectations and the expected range would have been helpful. Each country is different I know and those in Myanmar were much less expecting than in some other places.
3. Travel
All airline travel worked as scheduled and any adjustments were well managed by the guides/local agents. The quality of vehicles and driving was also good.
4. Accommodation
All hotels were of a very good standard as is expected of four star - except for Mandalay where the hotel had to be changed because of a difficulty but was three star and not four. It was comfortable nevertheless. We were very happy with the standard of hotels.
5. Arrangements
We have been very satisfied with all the arrangements made for us by Myanmar Travel. It can be an unknown making arrangements on-line, especially as travel agents in NZ don’t seem very aware of Myanmar and travel companies there. However we would recommend Myanmar Travel to friends and our local travel agent as being a very responsive and helpful company where everything has gone smoothly.
I hope this is helpful to you - and thanks to yourself for making all the arrangements for an enjoyable trip.
We are thinking of visiting Japan in the autumn of 2017. Have you any suggestions for a travel company you would recommend for that country?
Brian & Lynne Hedley from New Zealand
Best of Myanmar 13 days/ 24 Oct 2016 – 3 Nov 2016
Dear Dzung
We are now back home in Canada after stopping over in Hong Kong for 2 nights. Thank you very much for securing the reservations and organising the tour for us. We had a lovely time. Myanmar is a beautiful country with beautiful and friendly people. The food was delicious and the locales were splendid.
We were very happy with the tour guides. Each went out of the way to meet our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, some of my friends will be contacting you to arrange further trips. I have highly recommended you so hopefully, we will be working with you for future trips to South East Asia.
Take care and once again thank you very much.
Lakshmi from Switzerland
Bagan Escape from 29 Oct to 01 Nov
Dear Ms. Binh,
Good day to you.
We are very pleased and delighted to the services that your agency had given us.
Everything is very much appreciated from day 1 to day 4.
We never expect to have a very nice service car to bring us to all places in Yangon & Bagan.
The JJ Bus is also like an airplane travelling on land. We can sleep comfortably while watching old movies.
Bagan Umbra Hotel is also a nice hotel with good always smiling staff but the breakfast had not much food to select.
It was a nearly perfect holiday except for the balloon ride which was cancelled due to bad wind.
All your staff (tour guides and drivers), had provided us very superb service. 
Mr. Aung is a very friendly guy. Always giving us a good laugh.
He is very knowledgeable of your country. He is polite and very helpful.
We truly enjoy his company... very accommodating. We love him.
Mr. Tsu (Bagan) is also very knowledgeable of Bagan. He is very religious guy.
He is not as joyful as Mr. Aung but he is very serious in his works, like a father.
He is very patient with us especially when we take too long to take pictures.
He is also helpful and accommodating. 
All the drivers are very polite but quite shy. They drive carefully and professionally.
Bagan is one of the enchanting places I've been.
With those awesome pagodas and temples.
I am amazed by your history and culture. 
By the way, Myanmar food is also very delicious with reasonable price.
In behalf of my friends (Cherry & Glenda), THANK YOU SO MUCH for an awesome service and experience.
I will surely recommend your travel agency to other friends and colleagues.
Job well done... thumbs up.
Keep up the good job.
Best Regards,
Zeny Roxas from Philippine

From Angkor Wat to Bagan from 18 Oct to 30 Oct 2016
We enjoyed working with Ms. Binh Yen, who couldn't have been more helpful! She made us feel very comfortable about using a agency which was outside of US.
One of the most memorable parts of our trip was our guides, we loved them all! and especially Jack in Cambodia! It gave us a personal glimpse into the lives of the people in Cambodia and Myanmar. They were flexible and we were able to made slight adjustments to our activities. Really we can't say enough good about the trip.
Really enjoyed taking advantage of the Spas in the Aureum Palace hotels and loved the Spa in the Victoria Angkor. They were, of course our favorites!
We have been telling all our friends about your agency and we are planning a trip with you to Laos and Vietnam in the future.
Thank you for making this the "trip of a life time"!!
Julie from USA

MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay) from 20 Oct to 27 Oct 2016
Dear Mr Hieu,
We have now arrived home in Australia after a wonderful time in Asia. I would like to thank you once again for arranging our travel in Myanmar. All our travel details worked perfectly! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Myanmar, particularly Bagan, and we are very excited for the future in this country. I hope you have received our feedback form. We will not hesitate to recommend your company and the tour guides. Our Best Wishes.
Kind regards,
Valda Telfer from Australia.

MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Kyaikhtiyo – Kalaw – Inle Lake – Mandalay – Hsipaw – Bagan) from 25 Sep to 15 Oct 2016
Guiding good at all places, drivers good at all places
Many interesting sightseeing events (less pagodas better)
Riding horse near Bagan very good (best event of the tour)
Mountain biking through Mandalay difficult because of traffic -> no good idea in the city
Mountain biking to Inle Lake very good nad in Bagan very good as well
Some guides should improve their English
Overall we are very satisfied with the organization, guides and driver
Dr. Alexandra Straeter and Dr. Armin Huber from German

IMPERIAL MYANMAR – 12 days/ 11 nights
Dear Ly ,
Sorry after holidays it is so busy back home.
We enjoyed our trip very much, thank you so much for the organisation. If we'll return to Vietnam or Laos we'll definitely let you know and have it organized by you.
Thanks again
kindest regards
Michele from Switzerland

Domestic flights
I did not travel on any of your tours but Ly an arranged domestic flights for me within Myanmar, she was extremely efficient and an excellent communicator, I would not hesitate to recommend your company and Ly an's services. Thank you, I had the trip of a lifetime in your beautiful country. 
Ms. Rachel from Australia
BEST OF MYANMAR From 14th Oct 2016 to 24th Oct 2016
Dear Ly An,
Mr.Meyer and myself arrived safely back to Germany. As we arrived Monday lately in Gemany yesterday was for relaxing and recovering from the Jetlag.
Today I'm pleased to tell you, that we have had a great Tour. The "Best of Myanmar" of course. We are glad we have booked this Tour with you. Everything was perfect organised. Your Guides are the best. They have beeen always on time, their english was very good and they were very professional doing their work. Always friendly. We are very satisfied with this.
We were also satisfied with the accomondation we have booked. 
We left Myanmar with a lot of experience of your history, natural beauty friendly people and culture of Myanmar. I repeat it, it was a great Tour which we can recommend to everybody who wants to visit Myanmar. Of course we can also recommend you for booking sucha Tour.
Once again thank you and have a good time.
Best regards
Norbert Pfeiffer from Germany
IMPERIAL MYANMAR From 10th Oct 2016 to 21st Oct 2016
Dear Ly ,
Sorry after holidays it is so busy back home.
We enjoyed our trip very much, thank you so much for the organisation. If we'll return to Vietnam or Laos we'll definitely let you know and have it organized by you.
Thanks again
Kindest regards
Michele from Switzerland
Myanmar Discovery from 02 Oct to 16 Oct 2016Dear Ms. Yen
Just a few days since we returned from our trip to Myanmar.
We enjoyed very much the trip. The whole country is amazing. Their cultures, its people, its landscapes, monuments, beaches ... We do not usually travel with a tour as organized as it was this and we had some doubts at the beginning. However we are absolutely satisfied with the trip. We would like to thank you once again your work and professionalism and the very nice itinerary that you prepared for us.
My friend Leonardo and his wife also plan to travel to Myanmar soon. I've passed your email to him and I am sure he will be in touch with you soon.
If we plan another trip in the South East Asia area, we do not doubt to contact you and recomend your services to family and friends.
Thanks for everything.
Best regards.
Ángel and Paloma from Spain.

Myanmar Authentic Adventure from 5 Oct – 15 Oct 2016
Dear Ms. Hong,
I just wanted to drop a few lines after concluding our visit to Yangon, in which both Win, the guide, and Mao, the driver, were excellent and friendly.
I especially wanted to commend Win. In addition to being an excellent guide, he is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and remarkably professional. Win filled the two days we were here with activities, explanations and was very flexible to attend to our every request.
On a scale of 1-10 we would give Win a perfect 10 and a very high recommendation.
I simply cannot find words to describe the unbelievable and exquisite unique qualities of the guide we had in Inle Lake, Shan State and Kayah State - Nay Win from Hu Pin Transport Services. I have been traveling around the world for many many years, and Nay Win is by far the BEST guide that i have ever encountered, in any place, ever. Not only is he very knowledgeable, friendly and very experienced and superb and excellent as a guide, Nay Win is so enthusiastic about what he does and clearly loves his work, and this definitely shows in the superior quality of his guiding and the experience of traveling with him.
I will definitely recommend to anyone whom I know who is traveling in the area to only choose Nay Win as a guide, and I think that you would be doing your customers an excellent service if you only sent travellers to Nay Win and Hu Pin transport services.
I can only hope that our guide in Bagan will be even close to how successful Nay Win was. It makes the whole trip an entirely different experience.
Best regards,
Ran from Israel
Highlight of Myanmar from 4 Oct – 8 Oct 2016
De Miss Hong,
Many thanks for you email. We would also like to say thank you very much for an amazing time in Yangon and
Mandalay. We really appreciate the wonderful trip you organized fo us. The guides were wonderful and so
Knowledgable on everything they showed us. 
We will bpass on y9ur name to our friends whom I am sure would love to do the same trip as us.
Once again many thanks for nicest memories of your counry which we will remember forever,
Kind regards
Francois Kritzinger from South Africa

FROM MYANMAR TO LAOS (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Inle Lake – Luang Prabang – Vientiane) from 16 to 30 Sep 2016
Hi Mr Ha,

On behalf of Christopher and myself, I would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful holiday for us.
We had an amazing time and will be recommending you to everyone that we talk to.
Thank you once again,
We will start saving to visit Vietnam and Cambodia in the future,
Kind regards,
Catherine Murdoch from Australia

CAPTIVATING MYANMAR JOURNEY (Yangon – Inle Lake – Mandalay – Bagan) from 17 September to 24 September 2016
Thanks for your arrangement. It is wonderful experience for us to travel with your company.
Also, may I express my appreciation on your hard work in arranging this trip.
I have just recommended my friend to email you for booking same tour in November.
Thanks a lot, again.
Mr. NG Kelvin from Hong Kong
INDOCHINA DISCOVERY from 20 Aug – 15 Sept 2016
Dear ms Hong
It was nice in meeting you and thank you very much for the wonderfull trip you help to organize for us.
It came out perfect and we could solve on time the few problems we had.
The return was with no delays an we arrived home as schechuled with a lifetime vivid memories of the people met and places visited throughout this trip.
Thanks again for your support for surely we will recommend your agency to friends
Best regards and hasta la vista!
Maria Angelica
Maria Eliana from Chile
Study Trip Experience from 24 Aug – 1 Sept 2016
Dear Ms. Hong Nguyen,
Good afternoon.
I would like to thank you for helping us in arranging the tour.
The tour guide, Ms. Tran was very nice indeed.
We could not have successfully completed the Asia tour without your help.
We hope to be in touch again if we get a chance to have another tour in Asia.
Have a nice afternoon.
Tomoko from Japan
TREASURE OF MYANMAR from 17 Aug – 1 Sept 2016
Dear Hong Nguyen,
WE had a very pleasant stay in Myanmar. 
The trip organisation was excellent and the Hotels too except the one near the golden rock. That was horrible! 
The tour guides very professional, kind and friendly.
Your country is marvellous and people are always smiling. I met the most beautiful kids in the world and I took so many pictures of them.
We ate very well and discovered and tasted many things never seen before!!
And also shopping was great. We bought a lot and enjoyed very much!
We'll surely meet again. If I will trip an other time in that wonderful part of the world you'll be my choice.
Thanks for everything. 
Laura from Italia
Uncover Myanmar from 18 Aug – 30 Aug 2016
Dear Hong,
I wanted to say thank you very much for the trip you have planned for our family. It has been an unforgetable experience, we've loved the country and specially the people. Everything has been so well organized, the hotels excellent and the guides too specially the lady from Inle lake, she was the best!
Thank you very much for your help and I hope to be able to plan another trip with you anyday.
All the best,
Helena Valsells from Spain
From Bagan to Angkor (13 Aug - 26 Aug 2016)
Dear Miss Nguyen,
Thank you so much for the trip arrangements made which i consider to be excellent.
I really loved the entire trip and experience with your agency.
Independent of my good experience with all the guides whom travelled with me, I do think it is important for me to highlight to the Myanmar HQ the level of service of the guide Si Thu in Mandalay, which was just simply excellent.
Si Thu is a passionate guide whom has a natural way of genuinely serving its customers to the fullest and you may easily see that being a guide is his true passion.
I cannot enough express my gratitude towards him and please ask the Myanmar HQ to express its gratitude in turn.
Best Regards,
Fabrice from Belgium
CAPTIVATING MYANMAR JOURNEY From 07th Aug 2016 to 16th Aug 2016
Excellent service of the agency, before and during the travel. We are very satisfied
Ms. Elena from Italia
HIGHLIGHTS OF MYANMAR From 01th Jul 2016 to 06th Jul 2016
Mingalabar Ms Ly An,
Thank you for all your help with the trip I had a wonderful time.
Apologies, I forgot to give my feedback form to the last driver but my scores were as follows:
All three guides and drivers were very good.
The hotels in Mandalay and Bagan where very good as was the food.
The hotel in Yangon was adequate and the staff were great but both rooms had bugs (cockroaches) and the food was ok.
I am very likely to recommend Myanmar travel and I’m likely to return to Myanmar.
Kyay zue tin ber!
Fleur Buckland from United Kingdom

BAGAN ESCAPE 4 days/ 3 nights - 07 May 2016 - 10 May 2016
Dear Ms Ly An,
Its been almost a month now that we came back from our Myanmar trip. Thanks to you and Myanmar Travel for organising such a wonderful trip for us. Both my husband and I had a lovely time.
Our two guides Mr Naing Zaw and Mr Yan Naing were really good. Mr Naing Zaw seems to be very knowledgeable. We learned a lot from him about Buddhism and history about Myanmar. And Mr Yan Naing always had a smile on his face. He tried his level best to satisfy us and made our Bagan trip majestic.
The hotels were great as well. Starting from the cleanliness of the room to the delicious food at both the hotels, everything was amazing. 
We loved every bits of our holiday in Myanmar. Definately looking forward to do more tours with you and Asia travel in future. Infact I m thinking of planning a Laos or Cambodia trip sometimes in aug/sept.
Can u suggest me someone who can assist me to plan and make a customized tour for me to Laos/Cambodia?
Kind Regards
Ms Nusrat Sharmeen from United Kingdom

Highlights of Burma 15 days/ 14 nights (30 Apr – 14 May)
We really enjoyed our trip and would like to thank you for the excellent organization. We have learned a lot during our journey and enjoyed our stay.
KW from German
MYSTERIES OF MYANMAR from 24 March – 3 April 2016
Dear Hong,
A fantastic trip thank you very much.
Highlight was Bagan and Inle Lake, our guide at Bagan (Win) and his driver (Lin) were amazing.
The Amara was a beautiful hotel and location, but the food was not very good considering how expensive it was (food and beverage was very expensive).
The food at Bagan and Inle lake was excellent and reasonably priced.
Can you recommend other beach areas and hotels in Myanmar?
Thank you again.
MR. GEOFF MCNAMARA from Singapore
INDOCHINA DISCOVERY TOUR from 17 – 30 March 2016
Dear Hong
Thank you very much for taking care
We really did enjoy our travel time in Myanmar and Cambodia
The guide here in Cambodia Narin was exceptional 
He was really knowledgable about the history and contemporary politics and was able to answer all our questions
The only other problem here in Cambodia was the bike ride.It was much too hot to ride for 7 hours.We expected to take car to Ankor Watt and then ride around the park and then take car back to hotel. Riding bike in the traffic and the heat was much too much.
The rest of the trip with your help met all our expectations
Thank you again
Steve from Canada
Flight ticket & Balloon trip from 27 – 29 March 2016
Good afternoon Mrs Hong,
I wanted to say thank you for your help in arranging our flights and the balloon ride in Bagan. We had an amazing time. 
Thank you once again. 
Best wishes,
MYANMAR DISCOVERY (Yangon – Loikaw – Inle Lake – Kakku – Pindaya – Monywa – Mandalay) from 20 March to 29 March 2016 
Hallo Mr. Hieu Ha,
Since Sunday we are save back at home and we like to remember to the wonderful journey. The second trip in Myanmar was very successful, too. Our feedback we send via email, because the feedback form does not fit to our tour.
As with our first tour, we have again learned a lot about Myanmar by our guide Mr. Naing Zaw. Like last year he always showed us the very best places and took place into account to our wishes and interests exactly. In Loikaw he even came in the evening, to show us the temples in the full moonlight. And in Loikaw, too we have been very lucky for visiting an offering ceremony for nearly 2000 monks. He showed us the very interesting places and views and kept care that we didn’t get lost in caves, pagodas, shops, etc. The expiration of the tour was perfect, just like last year.
And also Mr Wah Sae is a perfect driver. He drives very carefully and very prudent. In each minute we felt us very safe. Both of them have been very very helpful and friendly.
The second Myanmar Tour was very impressive for us, too. We gained new experience of the history of Myanmar and its culture and we visited sites, different than last year. This year the highlights have been the Padaung people, the stupas of Kakku, the incredibly beautiful cave in Pindaya and the fantastic pagoda and buddhism art near Monywa. The Padaung village Pan Pet is divided in two parts. The first part - before arriving the old village - we've called the showroom of the Padaung with only a shopping area. But the old village Pan Pet inspired us. The friendly Padaung woman Mary sang a nice song accompanied by guitar. We have been very lucky because we could take the direct route from Loikaw via Kakku to Inle lake. Only a few bridges were under construction. Also the touristy Inle lake was very enjoyable for us.
Altogether we had a wonderful and interesting time together with our guide Mr. Naing Zaw and our driver Mr. Wah Sae and together with the friendly Myanmar people. We saw handicraft, ethnic people, colourful market places and of course wonderful pagodas.
And also the planning phase for the second Myanmar Tour by Asia Travel & Leisure was perfect.
As you know, next year at about the same time we plan to go to Vietnam. In December we will plane the places and we will contact you.
Have a nice time till the next tour.
The very best regards
Siegfried und Maria from German
Myanmar Through the Lens, from 10 Mar to 19 Mar 16
Hi Binh,
The trip was wonderful and all participants were happy of your services, really good.
We will still organize tours in Myanmar and in Laos & Cambogia too. It will be a pleasure to continue to work with you.
Many greetings from Italy to you and to all your Tour Operator.
Viagg i& Miraggi from Italia
Myanmar Discovery 13D/12N, from 21 Feb to 4 Mar 2016
Hello Miss Binh,
Yes it was really nice! Maybe a bit short as i would have liked to see the golden rock and stay one more day to Inle lake which is a fantastic natural place,
The guides were really nice and we enjoyed their presence also,
Definitly a great Country to recommend,
The last Country i have to do is Laos now in this Region, as i know already Vietnam and Thailand,
Vietnam is for me the best in the Region!!
See you soon,
Jean Louis from France
Myanmar services 7 days/ 7 February 2016 – 13 February 2016 
Dear Dzung Vu,
Just want to tell you that I am back in SH after a fantastic week in Myanmar!
My friend Vincent and myself spent a great journey in Myanmar and we will certainly go back again! This time, most probably with our wives!
I would also like to thank you for the very professional and good services from you and Myanmar Travel! The domestic flights, the boat, the sightseeing tour at the Golden Rock were perfect!
I will certainly contact you for my next trip to Myanmar!
Best regards
Mr. Gilles Vincent from Canada
Grand Myanmar Discovery 23 days/ 21 January 2016 – 11 February 2016
Hello – We are now back in the UK, after our trip home from Myanmar.
I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time – thank you for organising our trip. We will certainly recommend Myanmar Travel / Asia Tours to our friends.
The general arrangements - including flights, meet/greet, transfers etc - were excellent.
We really liked all the hotels, with just a couple of exceptions. The Chindwin Hotel in Monywa was ok - nothing special. The Tharabar Gate in Bagan was a lovely hotel, but completely spoiled by the Pagoda festival, which went on more or less 24 hours for the whole 4 days of our stay! You should avoid putting guests in that hotel when the festivals are on.
All your drivers were very safe. Vehicles were very comfortable.
Your guides were excellent. We particularly liked Mr Soo Paing in Kalaw/Inle Lake – he was very good, and we’d highly recommend him for English speaking guests. We were also impressed by Mr Sanjay Htay’s knowledge of history and archaeology in Bagan.
Many thanks once again.
Steve & Lorraine Groves from United Kingdom
GRAND INDOCHINA DISCOVERY from 23 Jan – 19 Feb 2016
Dear Hong,
Now we are spending the night in Buenos Aires, tomorrow back ti Santiago.
Yes indeed we had a wonderful holidays in Southeast Asia.
Thats to you that every thing came out perfect . Of course the 5 Of us will recomend your agency to future travellers.
Best regards,
Marcia from Chile
INDOCHINA DISCOVERY TOUR from 25 Jan – 15 Feb 2016
Hello Hong, thanks for your concern and for everything, the whole group was very happy with your services and we will recommend your agency to everybody we know that travels to Indochina, I have just posted my review in Tripadvisor and I hope it is positive for you, I copy for you to read:
"We have just finished a long trip through Myanmar and other neighbour countries organized by Myanmartravel and we are extremely happy with their work, it was a challenge as it was a custom made tour for a family group of 26, I am so glad that we chose them for our trip because everything was perfectly organized and very good, excellent hotels full of luxury, and very proffesional guides (spanish speaking).
We have to give spacial thanks to Hong Nguyen, the Senior travel consultant from Myanmartravel that specializes in private Myanmar and Indochina tours, she was the key piece for our wonderfull experience, very professional and always helping in finding the best for our group, she answered the emails inmediately, everything was perfect, she even greeted us in our hotel and gave us presents!! We even got connected by whatsaap the whole trip for any inconvenience like flight delays, it was very helpfull.
Thanks again Myanmartravel, I will definetely recommend you with all my friends and truly you will not regret by taking your vacations with them!!!"
Thanks again for helping our family creating wonderfull memories!!
Daniela from Chile
PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR from 5 – 15 Feb 2016
Hello Ms. Hong Nguyen.
Our trip was perfect. Everything as I imagined. Thank you very much for your help and tips when choosing the itinerary.
I gave the evaluation to our guide, Aung.
Cristina from Brazil
SIEM REAP DISCOVERY from 4 Feb to 7 Feb 2016
Hi Hieu,
Thank you for your email, had an amazing time in Cambodia. Cambodia is definitely another world if it's own, the temples, carvings are astonishing.
Our guide Pascal was very flexible too.
Unfortunately, back to work this week!
Thank you again.
Susan from Hongkong
HIGHLIGHTS OF MYANMAR from 31 Jan – 5 Feb 2016
Dear Mrs Hong
On behalf of me and my friend I want to thank you for your services it was beyond my expectations . Hope to do business together in the future
Micah Elimelech from Israel
FROM YANGON TO BANGKOK from 29 Jan to 4 Feb 2016 
Dear Mr Ha:
Many thanks to you, your knowlegeable & patient tour guides, & the entire staff for a fun & informative travel to Myanmar & Bangkok. We will seek your assistance on our next travels in your part of the world.
Victoria Liban from Philippines

Dougie and Maggie Skilbeck from United Kingdom.

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